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Joe & Charlie (34 MP3 Files)

AA For Today Group

Joe and Charlie Big Book Study – (Tap To Expand)

1.AA History19:37
2.AA History17:52
3.AA History19:17
4.AA History14:58
5.Doctor’s Opinion22:19
6.Doctor’s Opinion24:54
7.Doctor’s Opinion9:51
8.Bill’s Story26:14
9.Bill’s Story25:26
10.There is a Solution23:28
11.Spiritual Experience17:24
12.There is a Solution12:59
13.More about Alcoholism20:53
14.More about Alcoholism12:42
15.We Agnostics20:28
16.We Agnostics17:29
17.How it Works28:01
18.How it Works32:16
19.The 3rd Step7:15
20.The 4th Step20:15
21.The 4th Step27:07
22.The 4th Step15:23
23.Freedom from Bondage13:37
24.The 4th Step31:24
25.The 4th Step – list of fears22:33
26.The 4th Step – sex list25:57
27.The 4th Step – list of harm7:28
28.The 5th Step16:16
29.The 6th and 7th Step13:46
30.The 8th Step9:27
31.The 8th and 9th Step29:45
32.The 10th Step8:34
33.The 11th Step17:17
34.The 12th Step16:33

About Joe & Charlie Audio Tapes

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Talks By Father Martin (4 MP3 Files)

Talks by Father Martin – (Tap To Expand)

1.Giving His “Chalk Talk”82:25
2.Twelve Steps53:56
4.His Story69:48

Sandy B. – Saturday Morning Live (12 MP3 Files)

Saturday Morning Live 12 Steps – (Tap To Expand)

1.Step 1 – 01/01/9440:13
2.Step 2 – 01/08/9444:17
3.Step 3 – 01/15/9445:02
4.Step 4 – 01/22/9437:47
5.Step 5- 01/29/9445:08
6.Step 6 – 02/05/9444:07
7.Step 7 – 02/12/9443:52
8.Step 8 – 02/19/9445:10
9.Step 9 – 02/26/9443:57
10.Step 10 – 03/05/9444:43
11.Step 11 – 03/12/9444:18
12.Step 12 – 03/19/9445:11
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Other Talks By Sandy B. (4 MP3 Files)

Other Talks By Sandy B. – (Tap To Expand)

1.Maryland State Convention – 199846:30
2.28th Gopher State Roundup – May 25th – 27th 200161:43
3.Sunlight of the Spirit in York, PA – August 17th 200153:58
4.“Spiritual Principles” in Merietta, GA – October 200257:10

Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith (25 MP3 Files)

Talks by Bill W. & Dr. Bob S. – (Tap To Expand)

1.Bill & Bob S. -1st International Convention, Cleveland, Ohio 195068:46
2.Bill W. – Atlanta, Georgia 195173:42
3.Bill W. – 3rd General Service Convention59:44
4.Bill W. -The Spiritual Experience – It’s a Matter of Grace – 196642:12
5.Bill W. – The history of the Big Book66:09
6.Bill W. – 12 Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous59:29
7.Bill W. – A.A.’s Three Legacies Part 142:51
8.Bill W. – A.A.’s Three Legacies Part 242:51
9.Bill W. – Oklahoma State Conference, Oklahoma City, OK – May 195145:42
10.Bill W. -2nd Talk Dallas TX 2-1951114:10
11.Bill W. – 18th Anniversary Dinner NY 11-10-5243:23
12.Bill W. – 20th Anniversary Dinner NY 11-9-195462:58
13.Bill W. -194718:22
14.Bill W. -Intoduction of Sam Shoemaker at St Louis MO 7-1-5533:29
15.Bill W. – Cleveland OH 1st International 195073:14
16.Bill W. – Will Roger Auditorium Ft Worth TX 6-13-195484:12
17.Bill W. – Reading HOW IT WORKS5:30
18.Bill W. -speaking in Memphis, TN 9-20-1947117:32
19.Bill W. -Texas State Conference 1954 talk about the book77:37
20.Bill W. – Texas State Conference Dallas TX 1951 Part 1 of 256:28
21.Bill W. – Texas State Conference Dallas TX 1951 Part 2 of 256:36
22.Sister Ignatia – speaking about Dr. Bob32:11
23.Dr. Bob -from Akron, OH, Sister Ignatia from Akron, OH and Bill W. from New York, NY – April 194788:09
24.Dr. Bob -The early days of Alcoholics Anonymous50:42
25.Dr. Bob’s Last Talk4:11

Clarence Snyder Tapes (4 MP3 Files)

Talks by Clarence Snyder – (Tap To Expand)

1.Cleveland, OH – 196678:04
2.11th Step Retreat, Camp Monroe Retreat 07/15/197577:05
3.Giving a history talk in 1975.88:05
4.How It Works talk in 198273:35

Talks by Father John Doe – (Tap To Expand)

1.On Resentment – Part 113:39
2.On Resentment – Part 213:21
3.On Resentment – Part 313:24
4.On Sanity – Part 116:30
5.On Sanity – Part 216:51

Other Audio Tapes (5 MP3 Files)

Other Speakers – (Tap To Expand)

5.Sister Ignatia -194728:46
2.Sister Ignatia – AKA Angel of Alcoholics Anonymous31:09
3.Ann P. -Speaking in El Paso68:10
4.Ann P. -Speaking in Orange, CA March 1st 199859:35
5.Lois Wilson (Ala-non)44:10